neosim is a Swiss company founded by experts with strong background in lung physiology and mechanical ventilation. neosim was founded on the principles of developing simulators that have autonomous physiology which are based on published scientific data and are as close to reality as possible. Our mission is to save lives from day one by using our autonomous simulators. For training and education of clinicians, especially respiratory therapists and intensive care professionals, neosim simulators create realistic breathing in health and disease. In contrast to other simulators, neosim's simulators can be treated with intensive care therapy methods and equipment and respond autonomously like a real human patient. The results manifest themselves clinically and can be measured quantitatively with state-of-the-art monitoring in real-time.


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A Framework for Determining the Return on Investment of Simulation-Based Training in Health Care...

This article describes a framework that has been developed to monetize the real value of simulation-based training in health care. A significant consideration has been given to the incorporation of the intangible and qualitative benefits, not only the tangible and quantitative benefits of simulation-based training in health care...

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Lung function parameters for simulation based training...

Optimizing respiratory therapy in intensive care is a challenge for clinicians at all levels of expertise. The difficulties rise with the degree of illness and along rises the associated morbidity and mortality. Simulation based training is a promising avenue to improve the learning curve and to explore the respiratory management of such difficult and rare cases. In simulation session, patient decompensation can be ...

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Determining Simulation's Return on Investment through Rigorous Outcomes & Financial Analysis...

Disclosures No speaker for this activity has a relevant relationship with a commercial interest. There is no conflict of interest and nothing to disclose. But there will be math today...

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