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TestChest and TestChest light technical features

Comparison Chart
TestChest vs. TestChest light feature-by-feature comparison
ComparisonTableTestChestLight_V1.pdf (358.32KB)
Comparison Chart
TestChest vs. TestChest light feature-by-feature comparison
ComparisonTableTestChestLight_V1.pdf (358.32KB)

TestChest Lung Simulator

Fully self contained and complete

The following list shows the programmable features of TestChest, each physically present and measurable be external equipment such as ventilator, pulse oximeter, spirometer, pressure sensor, mass spectrometer, etc.

  • function residual capacity FRC
  • Resistance Raw, Compliance, Crs, Cw, CL
  • Resp. activity P0.1
  • Upper / lower inflection points, lung collapse
  • Recruitability
  • heart-lung interaction
TestChest combination with Laerdal



Compatible with full body mannequins

TestChest turns any existing mannequin into a physiological lung simulator because TestChest has an airway opening that can be fitted to any mannequin or single head device.

Make use of the combined features of mannequins and the outstanding physiology of TestChest.

Contact AQAI GmbH in Germany for integration with Laerdal SimMan.

TestChest with Avea ICU Ventilator



Works with all ventilators and CPAP devices

TestChest can be connected to all ventilators, for intubated patients as well as mask ventilation.

All modalities are possible: pressure-volume maneouvres, recruitment, PEEP adjustment, expiratory trigger sensitivity, pressure control, assist control, volume control, SIMV, PAV,  adjustment, APRV, PSV, CPAP, PRVC, ASV, Intellivent and all other modalities.

TestChest Lung Simulator with Hamilton Ventilator

TestChest only: interactive outcome enables competitive learning

Whatever you set as a patient, the result of the treatment provided by the student will show on airway pressures, lung volume, arterial oxygen saturation, end-tidal CO2, and more. Outcome is not created by the operator but  by the interaction between student and TestChest, in real-time and reproducibly.

New forms of interactive learning are possible: submit the same case to different students and let them compete on outcome in a safe environment.

TestChest Lung Simulator User Software

Operator Controls with BasicSoftware

The basic operator panel offers the selection of the pre-configured patients and the degree of breathing activity. Changes from ARDS to airway obstruction and all concommitent physiological changes are  done a the click of a button.  Spontaneous activity can be added if needed, e.g. to put a patient to sleep or to wake him/her up.

You can easily extend the selection of patients and program your own patient library by clicking on "More" (password protected).
Further details are provided in the Operator's Manual.

The BasicSoftware was written by AQAI GmbH, Mainz, Germany; TestChest and the Organis logo are registered trademarks of Organis GmbH, Landquart, Switzerland

Motor and Drive of TestChest Lung Simulator

Under the hood: highly reliable and durable

Housed in a metal sheet enclosure, two rubber bellows are driven by a linear motor who is able to produce pressures higher than 100mbar. Two steel rods guide the lung assembly which is powered by two independent power supply modules.

Ultra-low maintenance and Swiss Quality reliability secure your investment.




TestChest is a registered trademark of Organis GmbH, Switzerland. neosim AG is authorized TestChest distributor for Europe and certified TestChest service partner.